Alaska Business Networking

Alaska Business Networking is a non-profit organization that helps business grow thru the exchange of qualified referrals. Our members know that the rewards will be increased business and connections that will help them build their business. Get connected with prospects and people who know members of your target market. ABN can help you build your list of contacts and to increase your opportunities and increase profits.

For most independent professionals, effective networking should be a driving force, if not the central component of their marketing efforts.
• Networking is a universal principle of giving and receiving—a lifestyle rather than a technique. Alaska Business Networking can help you build lasting,
powerful relationships, both in and out of the office. From using business cards properly to networking your way into a new job, ABN is your ticket to personal and professional success. It's about building sincere, honest relationships. It's an ongoing process that connects you to people in all areas of your life.
• Maximize your relationships
• Expand your circle of influence through networking events
• Network in the corporate world, your community, and in your personal life
• Develop lifelong career-building habits
• Build and maintain your network

Success is just a hand shake away, Who Do You Know?

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